Easy to use Sports Betting Software Pay Only $10 per head


Empower Your Brand

What is your brand, what does it mean to you, and what should it mean to you? All great question that many people are often confused by. Sadly, many bookies think they don’t have a brand and that a local bookie is just wandering lost! Don’t buy into this, this is a misnomer. You offer yourself, you give your heart and soul to this job because you love it and you believe in it – you are the brand and what people see is what they get, so offer them the very best of you. The best way to empower yourself and endear your clients to you is by offering them what they want in a sportsbook and gaming site. You must give them what they want to gamble on. Your number one goal is keeping them faithful.

  • There are too many easy ways for your clients to run around on you! Don’t let it happen. The pay per head has come along at the right time and now, you can get in with a month-long free trial and you get a free, custom-built gaming website. The website is state-of-the-art, and it offers a fantastic sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas style casino.

  • It does not matter how big or how small your sportsbook may be and in fact, you may laugh when you hear the term “sportsbook”. You may be saying to yourself “sportsbook, what does that mean”? No matter what kind of volume you are pushing or what kind of bottom-line you are seeing at the end of the week – it could be $10, or it could be several thousand… if you are taking one bet, even from your best friend – you are a bookie. The question is, how do you make money?

  • How do you get cross-action? You must build your base. You may be the bookie that we have mentioned a couple of times, you know, the guy with a client or two and they happen to be your buddies. You cannot get ahead, gambling with your buddies. Sooner or later, they are going to smoke you and then where will you be? Hopefully, you have a handful of clients now and you can use them for a starting point. If not, then you must start networking. Find clients at the local watering hole, work, social clubs, the gym, wherever you find yourself – get clients on the hook.

  • The pay per head is your line mover, they set the lines and odds for you daily and they are experienced. Of course, you will have the power to change any line at any time. This will be your sportsbook.

  • The PPH does everything for you. They custom-build your online sportsbook within a day or two of you making the call. The best part; FREE! They do it all free of charge. You do not have to be a programmer or know code, have site-building experience. All you need o do is hit the power button on your PC or mobile device and have the ability to click a mouse.

  • It’s time to stop killing yourself and start enjoying what you do for a living. Even if this is a part time gig, you still want to make money and you don’t want your clients leaving you for the “big box” brand, online gaming site. Don’t let it happen, find a fantastic pay per head and get moving in the right direction right now. Your clients will love the state-of-the-art appeal, and they will also love the idea of gambling against you, 24/7. Look, thy love you, but let’s face it, they don’t love you enough to want to call in their bet every day! Ha, they don’t want to talk to you every day, they want to get their bets in and get out. Now they can.

Call the PPH, tell them you want a free custom-built gaming site and tell them you want a free trial for one month. The best of the best in PPH providers will work with you and they will have you operational in a day or two. You are worth more than you think, and your brand is what your clients will remember you by. Give them what they want, make the call and turn your life around.