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Solutions Pay Per Head Can Offer You

The pay per head sports betting industry is famous for offering a comprehensive sportsbook solution. What you need to know is how this directly affects you and your bookmaking enterprise. What can a pay per head do for you? What are the benefits of a pay per head and the best question, can a pay per head help you earn a fantastic income? 


  • The times we are living in are weird, to say the least! COVID-19 showed up in mid-March and the world has changed. The good news, sports are making a comeback and this mess that we find ourselves in will not last forever. The NBA has a plan to return in July, the MLB is on the brink of a comeback, horseracing is on a path with the Belmont Stakes set to go off on June 20th and life will return as we know it.
  • Bookies must make the most of this opportunity. We say “opportunity” and you may be thinking “what opportunity”? You have probably thought to yourself “what can I possibly do to motivate gamblers and get them back in the fold”? This is a valid question and we have answers. 
  • First: Get online right now. It will cost you nothing! You can open a gaming website within a day or two at no cost to you. All you must do is pick up the phone and call a fantastic pay per head and ask them what they are offering and what they can do for you. You will not be required to pay any fees now or any membership cost or any weekly PPH dues. None of that applies. 
  • You must have an online presence at any time. Whether it’s during a pandemic or for the upcoming MLB and NFL seasons. You must be online if you want to be effective and earn a great income from gaming revenue. 
  • You can be earning a fantastic amount of money right now and without any sports. Here is how…
  • #1 The Casino: No matter what time of the year or what circumstances you may find yourself in the middle of, one thing is certain… The casino is a cash cow and you are guaranteed to earn a great deal of income from the revenues generated. 
  • Gamblers are gamblers and they never stop gambling. It matters not what crisis or what set of problems may be going on around them. They are gamblers and they will find something to gamble on. 
  • The casino is a natural attraction to any gambler. Oh sure… they may say they are not “casino gamblers”. We know this to be nonsense! Every gambler gambles on anything they can gamble on. Gamblers pursue one thing. Winning! If they think there is money to be won, they will play. If you offer it and throw it in their face, they will play. 
  • The only way to offer your clients a casino is with an online presence. The only affordable way to find an online presence is with the use of a pay per head. 
  • The pay per head offers the bookie an immediate online presence. The PPH will custom-build your online, bookmaking website and offer with it a full-line sportsbook, a casino, and a racebook. You get a three in on, turnkey package. 
  • You will be required to do NOTHING, and they build everything in a day or two for FREE! You will have the exclusive use of a .com address that your clients can use, as well as yourself. 
  • You are the owner of the website. How you want it to be built is how it will be built and what you say goes. This is your gig and you can start today for free. There isn’t a better way to find an online presence for your gambling clients than with a pay per head.


Now, you can offer a fantastic sportsbook that will compete with any major online sportsbook. You will also have the opportunity to offer an online casino that has a Las Vegas vibe featuring more than 100-games and live dealers. Call today and start earning big profits. Gamblers are gambling amid the COVID-19. Make the call today.