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At PPH International we take pride in what we do and our product is unmatched in the PPH services industry. Start your free trial and give yourself a chance to use the best PPH software and service in the market. With PPH International you will get access to our unique booking software by which you will have full control of your players, what they see and what they wager.

  • Live Betting (Live In-Play Wagering)
  • 24/7 non-stop Call Center
  • American / European odds
  • Secure payment methods
  • Customized Line Profiles
  • Secure and User Friendly

You will have all the perks for only $10 per head. You will have the ability to grant your players access to the wagering system, racebook and casino.


Payperhead365.com is a great PPH that offers everything a bookie needs to be successful. If you’re interested in earning six-figures, this group helps you achieve your goals. You will find a white label sportsbook that offers all the bells and whistles as do the “big boys”. You can now offer your clients live wagering, in-game and dynamic wagering along with the hundreds of side bets and totals that are available daily. Want props? You get them and up to thousands per day. Want more? Your clients do and now you can offer futures, lotto, politics, entertainment and much more.




A Las Vegas-style casino is what players are demanding. They want it, you had better offer it. With payperhead365.com, you can offer the best in casino gambling with more than 100-games both live and virtual play. You will have the best and hottest slots, the favorite table games and to boot – live dealers. Players love a casino that feels like Vegas. This is the place to meet their gaming needs. The casino is your bread and butter, off it and they will come.





No online bookie is worth its salt without a great racebook. Payperhead365.com offers not only a racebook but a world-class racebook that offers more than 75-tracks from across North America and worldwide. With payperhead365.com, you will have the ability to set your payouts, set max payouts, and pay in “real-time” odds. Take charge of the racebook by setting what wager types you want to accept and it’s literally “off to the races”. If you want loyal players, cater to racebook players. They have proven to earn bookies big profits.





Player management is an ever-important tool that you must implement if you care at all about profits. Payperhead365.com is the right pph to help you achieve your goals. Earning a six-figure income is within reach if you commit to managing your money properly. With Payperhead365.com, you will have the ability to receive on-demand player and financial reports that put you squarely in the driver’s seat and one step ahead of your players. You must know where every dollar goes, and you must know who is winning and losing. Player profiles are the name of the game for your bottom line. Payperhead365.com offers you the best bookie software to manage your money.