Easy to use Sports Betting Software Pay Only $10 per head


PPH Is a Great Option for You

You want to enter the online bookmaking business?

There are thousands of small bookies that operate locally and online. Regardless of whether you want to operate as a local bookie or online bookie, a pay per head (PPH) service is what you need.

Why Is a PPH Service the Best Option for a New Bookie?

Here are the main reasons why we recommend starting an online bookie by using a PPH:

  1. Cost: You don’t need to develop software in-house or have a $1000+ website design to make money as a bookie. PPH services keep costs low and provide everything you need.

You can budget to spend $10 per player on your betting sheet every week. This fee decreases as you grow your betting sheet. If you start with five active players, a PPH will cost $50/week.

If your players lose $100/week on average, you’re going to make $450/week ($500 – $50).

  1. Everything Is Included: When you launch a sportsbook, you need software, odds managers to maintain the betting lines, clerks to grade bets and reps to provide customer support.

All of these things are included with PPH services at one low cost.

There is one thing you’ll need to handle when you use a PPH and that’s payments. It’s your job to collect money from your clients when they lose and pay them out when they win.

For local clients, always use cash and with online clients, you can use cryptocurrencies.

  1. Expertise: New bookies often don’t fully understand how this business works. By joining a reputable PPH, you’ll be able to tap into their expertise at no extra cost.

The best PPH sites realize they need profitable bookies to stay in business. They’ll help you out to give you the best chance at making money and turning this into a long-term business.

PPH providers are often operated by bookies or those that used to operate a sportsbook.

  1. Anonymity: PPH services operate offshore. Most are located in Costa Rica. They maintain servers offshore as well. This allows bookies in grey zone jurisdictions to operate safely.

You don’t even need to provide your name when joining an offshore PPH provider.

In many cases, bookies value anonymity. You might not want your bank to know you’re paying a PPH company for example. This is why any PPH worth joining will accept cryptocurrencies to pay fees.

Start an Online Sportsbook Today

Signing up to an online pay per head service is extremely simple and the set-up process is fast.

Do you have at least one bettor ready to start wagering? Follow the link in the above paragraph and you’ll be able to claim a four-week free trial to get started in this business.

Now is the perfect time to start a sportsbook, as the market is booming.

Compete with the huge bookies operated by corporations by utilizing a PPH. This is easily the most cost-effective way to launch a bookie and there’s very little risk, as there are no contracts.

If the business doesn’t work out, you can simply cancel your PPH membership.