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MLB Baseball, This is How the Season Looks so Far

Any other year, we would say we’re still at the beginning of the MLB season, after 30 to 35 games played by each team. However, this is 2020 and we already know by now, that 2020 is a whole different story. We are halfway through the regular season right now and this calls for a quick review of what’s going on in the league and how things are right now.

There is still a long way to go for the playoffs, but we can’t forget the fact that this is a 60-game regular season only, and that things will be said and done in less than a month already, and we’ll be going straight into the playoffs.

American League – What’s the situation?

Let’s start by the fact that the four best records in this conference belong to teams that most people would have not expected.

  • Tampa Bay Rays have a 25-11 record, for a .694 win percentage.

  • Oakland Athletics hold a 22-12 record, for a .647 win percentage.

  • Chicago White Sox are 22-13, for a .629 win percentage.

  • Cleveland Indians are 21-14, for a .600 win percentage.

Right after these four, we have two of the biggest initial favorites, Houston Astros and New York Yankees, with a 19-14 record each. These numbers are taken in consideration until the end of August, so we can have a clear date reference.

National League – What’s the situation?

Big favorites have done their part so far in the National League, and it’s here, in the West division, where we have the team with the best record in the league, by August 31st, the LA Dodgers. Here’s how it goes:

  • LA Dodgers have a 26-10 record and are the only team with over .700 win percentage in the league, .722, exactly.

  • San Diego Padres have been a sensation so far, and hold a 22-15 record, for a .595 win percentage.

  • Chicago Cubs are 22-14, for a .588 win percentage.

  • Atlanta Braves are 22-14 as well, for the same .588 win percentage.

There is quite a significant gap between these teams and the rest in the National League, but the most surprising case right now is the MLB Champions, Washington Nationals, are one of the worst teams in the entire league, with a 12-20 record by August 31st, and running out of time to make a big comeback and at least fight for defending the championship.

Curiously, the Nats hold MLB’s second-best batting record at this cut, with a .269 batting average, only behind the Chicago White Sox, who are .270, just ahead. San Diego Padres are third with .266 New York Mets are fourth with .264 and Philadelphia Phillies are fifth, with .263, just to show that offensive power is not all that matters for a good baseball team. LA Dodgers lead the league in pitching stats like total wins, with 26, and ERA, with 2.76 by the date of this cut. They’re also the team with most Home Runs in the MLB, with a total of 68, followed closely by the Padres, with 66.

What do you think of MLB’s 2020 regular season so far? There’s a lot more coming, so let’s get ready to Play Ball!