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Growing Markets

What is working for local bookies today? What are sports bettors betting on and what is growing in popularity? What betting markets are hot and what’s not so hot? We can tell you this with authority; post COVID shutdown, gamblers love what they were given, and they want it to continue. Don’t stop what you were doing during COVID, it worked on so many levels. What you must do is find out if you are equipped to keep it going. Have you positioned yourself to keep clients happy and to keep them loyal to your cause?

• Your betting clients want a sportsbook they can rely on, one they can trust, and one they can call to either place their bets or make inquiries when there are problems. If they cannot call the sportsbook they bet with, they do not want to stay, and they will not stay. Lack of availability and an overall lack of communication is the number one client killer.

• The second reason that clients stay with a bookie is their betting availability. Are they open 24/7? Are you open 24/7 for your clients? If you are reading this then you are probably a local bookie. What can you offer your clients? You can offer them a limited amount of sporting events every day with a limited amount of betting options. This is it, the end of the road and you know this is true what we say.

• The simple fact of the matter is this… You are one person doing your best to operate a sportsbook, you are one person and one person only. You can’t possibly be all things to all people all of the time. You must shut your phone off every once in a while.

• On top of all this, all you can offer your clients are sports. There is a lot more to gamble on than sports and your clients will gamble if you offer the opportunity. Your clients want to be loyal to your cause, however, we all know a secret, clients are never 100% loyal to any sportsbook. No, not going to happen. What you need to focus on is keeping your clients as much as you possibly can by offering the best options and as many options as the next guy. If you are the one offering the options, why would they go elsewhere? Nine times out of ten, they won’t.

• The only way to keep your clients happy and loyal to what you are offering is by going online yourself. Now you can do this quickly, easily, and affordably with a pay per head. The PPH has come along at the right place in time, and they are an affordable way to take your business to the next level.

• The best PPH providers are charging around $7 per head, per week, for active players. You get all of the best options with a state of the art sportsbook that offers every sport known to man, and a huge wagering menu that comes stacked with betting options. You also get a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from around the world. To top it all off you get a fantastic, Las Vegas-style casino that features the hottest slots, all of the player’s favorite table games, and even live dealers.

• The PPH does everything for you. You do none of the legwork such as setting the daily sporting events, daily lines, and odds, grading bet slips, balancing the books, keeping track of active bets, what came in, what went out, etc.…

The fast paced world of internet gambling has caught up to up to you, but it doesn’t have to pass you by. Remember, you have one basic goal, that make your end game always come out the same – keep your clients loyal and keep them spending money. If you can accomplish this, then you have no more worries. You are in the bookie business to earn a nice living and what you see at the end of the day is your end game. What are you seeing? It can be different with a pay per head. Call the best PPH provider and get online tomorrow. Turn your life into a smashing success.