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Do You Know Your Pay Per Head Site’s Backstory?

If you are a private bookie running and managing a successful independent sportsbook, it is highly likely that you have been working with a quality pay per head online sports betting software provider. It is also highly likely that you have come to realize that all pay per head sites are not created equal.

With the rapid expansion of the sports betting industry in the US alone, the pay per head industry has been crowded with low-cost options that cannot deliver on all the promises it makes. While the basic bookie software solutions package remains rather consistent across most pay per head sites, it is the added features and benefits that create the true value in the weekly per head fees you are paying for each of your active betting customers.

Today’s Pay Per Head Industry

Every PPH service has its strengths and its weaknesses. The trick is to find one that builds on those strengths by investing time, money and other resources into their business model, while also consistently improving any weak spots it may have. 

The  companies with a proven record of excellent performance in the past are the ones that are driving the future of what can be a very lucrative business opportunity. As a private bookie, you need to hitch you wagon to a PPH service that can provide all the business tools needed for both success in the short team as well as over the long haul.

The top price per head shops have been working with private bookmakers since the first sports bets were being taken online. The days of running your own show with a phone, paper and pen are long gone. You need a sophisticated bookie software package that can run the day-to-day operational end of things. This allows you, as the business owner, to spend your time building bottom-line profits.

You also need the safety and security of pay per head site that has made the proper investments in their operational system. This translates to a high level of redundancy that eliminates costly downtime for you and your betting customers. You need a PPH service with an established record of providing fast and sharp betting lines for everything you need, when you need them. 

Even some minor glitches from time to time is reason enough to start shopping for a new provider. The heated competition among the top pay per head sites in the online sports betting industry has eliminated any excuses for poor performance.

Finding The Right Pay Per Head Site

You already know what to expect from a pay per head site in relation to its weekly cost per active bettor. You should accept nothing less than a quality product that more than lives up to expectations. Knowing the backstory of any site you choose to work with is a very important first step of the vetting process. 

This is not to say that a brand new pay per head service cannot deliver everything you need. Many of the newer sites are direct offshoots from industry experts that have worked in the online sports betting industry since its humble origins in the mid-1990’s. 

The people that work for a pay per head site are just as important as the products and services it offers. The top sites only hire customer service personnel with an extensive background in sports betting and online gambling. Getting a good feel for a pay per head’s support team is another important part of the process. 

What you are really getting in taking the time to find the right pay per head service is a silent business partner that has a genuine vested interest in mutual success.