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Bookies: You need to Understand the Gray Areas

There are many gray area businesses in this great big world of ours and there are many gray areas in business. What we are here to talk about today is the gray areas in the bookie business. Do you know them, and do you know how to navigate them? The first and most important thing to know about the bookie business is to have a clear understanding of why you are in this business, to begin with. Are you having fun and it matters not if you earn money, or are you in this for the money? We can unequivocally say, most bookies become bookies to earn a great living. Sure, some people do this business on the side with no goals, they are only in it for the fun and if they earn some money along the way, well, so be it. This is a rare exception to the rule and if you are like most bookies on any level, whether you have one betting client or 3,000, you want to earn a great living.

  • Rule #1: Never believe that you can’t be beaten or that the “house always wins”. This is an old, tired saying that gamblers use, not bookies. Smart bookies know they can be beaten, and they know they will indeed be beaten from time to time.
  • Rule #2: have a backup plan. As a bookie, there is more to life than a sportsbook. This is where you will get beat the most and this may be the biggest gray area of all. Many bookies go into the sportsbook business blind or with rose-colored glasses. Many bookies have the belief that they will not be beaten and indeed, “the house always wins”. What a lie! Don’t believe anybody that sells you this nonsense.

A. Las Vegas was built on the casino, not the sportsbook. Think about it like this… Think of all the mega-resorts on the strip. What do they do? They offer casino gambling. They make small fortunes in their casinos or they would have all closed up their doors and gone home years ago. Most all of these casino resorts also have a sportsbook attached. Some of them are mega-books with 100-foot screens and leather seating with waitress service. Then others are small with just a window to place a bet. It does not matter if they are small or huge, they do not carry a resort, the casino carries the resort.

B. Players have evolved, and with time comes information. There is a wealth of sports information at the gambler’s fingertips and they can and will beat you often. There are times when you will beat them. Creative bookies do the best. If you are going to open a sportsbook, then make sure that you offer all of the crazy and many ways to bet on the sports that you offer. On another note, you also want to make sure that you are offering every sport known to man. You must offer your players options when it comes to betting and a wagering menu. You want to offer teasers, parlays, super teasers, reverse action, reverse lines, live betting, in-game betting, dynamic lines, prop bets on games as well as player props, and much more. You must offer these options or it’s a guarantee that you will get beat more often than not.

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