Easy to use Sports Betting Software Pay Only $10 per head


Best of the Best

Today, we’re going to outline why choosing the best of the best is so important as a bookie.

If you’re trying to fix your car, you’re going to want the best mechanic working on it. If you need to have surgery, you want the best surgeons operating on you, right?

Well, if you’re starting an online sportsbook in 2021, you want the best pay per head (PPH) service.

What Do the Best PPH Services Offer?

All PPH services are going to offer clients a website, software, server, betting odds and support, but you can identify the best of the best by digging a bit deeper into the features.

If you want to be the best, you need to work with the best.

These are the features you should be looking for to help identify the best PPH services:

  • Live Betting: A lot of sports bettors love in-play betting nowadays. It’s also great for bookies, as players will turnover more volume and the commission is higher on most live markets.

Just because a PPH service offers live betting doesn’t mean it’s a good platform either. Always take a look at what live betting markets are available and how the odds are handled.

  • Live Dealer Casino: It’s expensive to run a live dealer casino studio and most PPH services aren’t going to invest in this feature, which makes it easy to identify the best of the best.

Gamblers can trust live dealer games and that’s why they make bookies a lot more money than any virtual table games ever will. Having live dealer casino games will help you stand out as well.

  • Reputation/Experience: Bookies talk and word gets around quickly when a PPH service goes under or begins undeserving their clients. Reputation is everything in this business.

You want a reputable PPH service with an experienced team that can actually help you grow. If all you’re given is the software and a website, you’re not going to get very far in this business.

Most successful small-time bookmakers start out with PPH services and stick with them once they find one that will go the extra mile. The more the PPH handles, the less work left for you to do.

Best Pay Per Head Service

RealBookies is the #1 PPH company in the world and have been for many years.

Not only do they offer the extra features that bookies want, such as live betting and a live dealer studio, but they even have a new poker software, allowing you to run poker games/tournaments.

You might assume that the price for RealBookies would be a lot higher than PPH services with a lot less features, but that’s not the case. RealBookies charges a standard $10/head to start out.

Why don’t you find out for yourself why they’re regarded as the best of the best.

RealBookies offer a four-week free trial and instant account activation. You can become a bookie today as long as you have a player that’s ready to start betting on sports or playing in the casino.