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Antonio Brown gets 8-game suspension from NFL

Just when you think he’s going up; he pulls himself right back down! Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has been handed an 8-game suspension by the NFL due to multiple violations of personal conduct policy.

Brown, who is now 32 years old, last played alongside Tom Brady, with the Patriots in 2019, right when last season started, but was then released a few days after and hasn’t been signed since. One of NFL’s biggest talents, without a doubt, has been constantly overshadowed by what happens far from the field, Antonio Brown has had several personal and professional issues, that have affected his career greatly. Just a few weeks ago, Brown hinted he would like to play with Brady again, but now in Tampa Bay, but things like this definitely harm his plans and keep him away from professional activity.

Why did Antonio Brown get a new suspension from the NFL?

The issue dates back to 2017 when an artist who was working at his house made a sexual misconduct accusation, for which the NFL had been investigating. In another matter, last June he pleaded no contest to a felony burglary with battery charge and two other misdemeanor charges issued back in January, when he had an “incident” with a moving truck company at his home in Florida back then. There is a separate investigation going on related to alleged sexual assault to his former trainer, even though Brown claims this relationship was consensual.

NFL finally put things in place and set the 8-game suspension in motion, which will take place starting with the first game of regular season, if he gets signed by any team. If so, he would be able to join the team for preseason training but won’t be able to play until after the first eight games of the season, that’s for sure.

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