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PayPerHead365, utilizes the finest sports betting software available worldwide. You and your players can rest assured that all wagers will be recorded clearly, accurately and instantaneously, whether by phone or over the internet. All account balances (yours and your players) will be accurate and up-to-the-minute.

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  • Live Betting (Live In-Play Wagering)
  • 24/7 non-stop Call Center
  • American / European odds
  • Secure payment methods
  • Customized Line Profiles
  • Secure and User Friendly

We can proudly say that we guarantee 99.9% . Our servers have redundancy and backup power for more than 72 hours in a storm proof facility. This assures that your players will always have access to our system.

With a total of over 20 years of experience in the offshore betting industry, PayPerHead365 is simply the most professional choice for all bookmakers. Our experts will take care of every detail so that you don’t have to.

Why settle for a limited PPH Sports Service, when you can offer your clients the largest selection of online gambling options available from any Pay Price Per Head Call Center Services.

Key Fetures
Manage Your Players Detailed information for all your players

This tool becomes very help full when the agents wants to disable the access to a certain features on the player site, such as, Horses, Virtual and Live casino, and it also allows the agent to increase or decrease a player credit limit and wager amount.

Manage Your Finances Keep track of your players

Managing your finances will be easier with all the reports that you will find on the site, weekly win/loss, player analysis, open bets, action by player, and this helps you understand when and where to change player limits.

Agent Exposure Breakdown fo players and sub-agents

Agent Exposure is all the action the sheet has on specific sport and game. It can be filtered by sport, for today, this week, and all. It gives a notion of what the agent needs on a specific game. It will include the exposure on teasers, straight bets, parlays, etc. Found under the WAGERS tab.

Weekly Player Totals Weekly Balances and Player Totals

The Weekly Player Totals report, will reflect the statistics for each player, like graded bets, total amount won and lost, and also current balance of each Player, this information becomes very important when the agent needs the specifics on each player reflected as totals

Control Open Bets Open Bets Report

This report will give all details of the bet, bet type (Straight, Parlay, Teaser, Horse wager), risk and win amount, and also it gives access to cancel wagers.

Financial Reporting See your cash flow

Contain all the transactions in each player and sheet. It can be filtered by date and by transaction type (receipt, disbursement,adjustment). It is important for an agent to take a look at the money transactions involving each player.

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Payperhead365.com is without a doubt a logical choice provider in quality Pay Per Head Service needed to successfully operate an Offshore Bookmaking Services. With our proprietary easy to use Sports Betting Software and our exclusive Live Lines, you will never want to use any other Price Per Head Service.

Start your business TODAY! Call Us Toll-Free: 877-386-0180. Our highly-professional, English-speaking customer service/support team at PayPerHead365 is available 24/7 to assist you and your players

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